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Online Tips for Home Inspectors in 2021

Social media and other websites offer a chance to get the word out about your business, take part in conversations about the industry and get feedback from your customers. It's a great opportunity, whether you're just venturing online for the first time or wanting to spruce up your existing online presence. When it comes to [...]

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Home Inspection Photo and Video Tips

In the home inspection profession, quality photos and video are worth a thousand words–making your inspection reports more concise and to the point. At the same time, quality documentation helps protect your business from complaints and claims, so it's important to get the right shots. Follow these home inspection photo and video tips for the [...]

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The Importance of Pre-Inspection Agreements

As a home inspector, a lot of your attention is focused on the document you produce at the end of a job—the home inspection report. It makes sense, since this is the report your clients need to make decisions about their homes. However, another document you hand clients early in the process can be just [...]

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The Importance of Timely Claims Reporting

Incidents and claims happen, often when you least expect them. While you can't always prevent a professional liability claim, you can control how you respond to one. The importance of timely claims reporting can't be understated. The longer you wait to report a claim, the more difficult, costly and stressful it may be to resolve. [...]

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Common Professional Liability Claims Home Inspectors Face

Despite your attention to detail and professionalism, there may come a time when you make a professional mistake. Essentially, a professional liability claim alleges that a home inspector has made an error that resulted in a loss for the homeowner. Knowing the common professional liability claims can help you minimize your risk for a claim. Here's [...]

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10 Tips for Writing Home Inspection Reports

Clients use the home inspection report to make important decisions about a home. Decisions are easier and less likely to result in problems later when your report is easy to understand. However, providing easily understandable home inspection reports can be a challenge. Like many inspectors, you may have more experience communicating verbally than in writing. [...]

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Building a Risk Management Program

As a home inspector, you know that things don't always go according to plan. Success in home inspection always involves some amount of risk, but by building a risk management program, your business can manage those risks to better protect your employees from harm and shield your business from associated costs. Fundamentals of Your Risk [...]

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